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Barkus Learns Chemistry!!: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Sebastian Marulanda (2017)

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This comic has humble beginnings in the class of english. Starting off as only an idea I turned the comic Barkus and Roo-t into a four page, 30 some panel comic story. From here I took key elements, characters, and scenes, and condensed them down into a smaller story suitable for a 6-8 panel comic. This comic was then pitched to our Design teacher Ms.Parkinson and made into a normal comic. Tools such as a burnisher, graphite pencils, and markers were then used to make a physical copy of our comic. After completing this comic by hand we scanned it and imported the photo into illustrator where we traced our own work and digitalized our original comics. The finished product is a 6-8 panel comic with varying textures, colors, and stylings.

Some of the most difficult parts of this project were the use of Illustrator and actually condensing my previously written graphic novel into a 6-8 panel comic. Concerning illustrator, I had much difficulty maneuvering the pen tool. The Pen tool was one of the only tools I used so therefore it was much help having so much practice using it. Overall, I am content with my final product.
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