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Shapes: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Syd Biros (2017)

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The comic assignment in design was based off of our graphic novels that we wrote in English. My comic is about a Triangle that feels left out in a square world. One day the Triangle is out in the park and a mean Square approaches him. Feeling desperate and scared the Triangle pairs up with another triangle to fit into the square world. However the Triangle decides that he is going to remain himself and not conform to the norms of his world. This is my own commentary on the world that we all live in and the choices that society forces us to make. In Illustrator I used block shapes and simple colors to show how the problems faced by the Triangle, are problems everyone has.

I grew as an artist and a person during this project because of the many challenges I faced. I learned a lot of skills working on this piece because of the new equipment such as Illustrator. I grew as a person because I learned how to manage many different aspects of the art piece. I struggled artistically with this piece because I have a very difficult time drawing. I also have a hard time understanding spaces and how things should look in panels. I struggled with the plot of the comic as well. It was very difficult to condense the plot of a whole graphic novel into an eight panel comic. If I had to do the project again I would spend more time composing the panels.This way the plot might flow better. I would also plan more on the details of the panels would be. I am most proud of this project because it caused me to expand my horizons and not let something that I found difficult stop me. Next time I will use the knowledge of how to create a narrative with minimal dialogue to create a more complex story. This project made me appreciate the time and effort that it takes to create a comic, from the artboard to the final comic.
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