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Noah: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Caroline Keosaksith (2017)

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The section of the comic that I created described the rising action of the comic I had originally created; it showed a little boy who entered a candy shop and found a candy he wanted to buy. The conflict was that the boy, being so young, did not know how to pay for the candy. The section of this comic ends with the falling action, with the boy leaving the candy shop empty handed.

I believe, that from working on this project, my ability to use Illustrator grew a lot, and I was able to practice using various tools including the pen tool, the two selection tools, and more. I also was able to learn how to manage layers and creating a new layer for almost every piece of the comic. This allowed me to learn how efficient and helpful they were to be able to arrange different elements of the piece.

If I were to change the project, I probably mostly would have changed the style of it. I personally prefer a more hand-drawn look, rather than the clean, straight, lines I had used for this comic. I believe that this could’ve been done by adding plenty more anchors and curves to each outline of the object, so there can be less of that clean, crisp look. if I had more time on this project, I probably would have added much more detail- like shadows on a lot more objects. Although I could have added more detail, I am still proud of the amount of detail I was able to create with the time we had.
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