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Running Late: A Junior Visual Narrative Comic by Caroline Schachter (2017)

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In this comic, the main protagonist, a young boy, falls asleep playing his video games. His alarm clock wakes him up the next morning and he is startled when he realizes he is going to be late for school. Over the course of this project, I drastically improved my Adobe Illustrator skills. I used the basic skills I was taught, and grew from them, learning how to do much more with the program. Some struggles I encountered during this project were accidentally not working with layers. I was already done with three of my panels when I realized I was only using one layer. After I realized this, I rearranged my entire project so that I was using more layers. Because of this, I now know to always think about how many layers I am using in Illustrator, and I will not make this mistake again. If I could change anything about my project, it would be using more detail in the background of each of my panels instead of just having a light grey as the background. I am most proud of the last panel in my comic, because the backpack was very difficult to create. After this project, I now know how to use the pen tool much better than before, and this will help me a lot for future projects using Adobe Illustrator or even photoshop. This project gave me a new appreciation for artists that use Adobe Illustrator to create their art. I now know how difficult it is to use.
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