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Eyes Then Not: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Colin Liversidge (2016)

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We like to believe that our eyes we have now, are not the same eyes we had when we were young. Because, well frankly, our eyes saw the world out to be pure insanity. Everything was interesting In our eyes. Every crook and cubby had something living in it, it had to, why else would it be there? Our ears perked at the slightest decibel. The world was a vast, interesting and inspiring place. And our eyes outright relished in every crazed second of it. Of course, that was our eyes then, this is our eyes now. They’re different, sane, rational. But that’s just not true. Your eyes are actually one of the few organs you have that stay constant. Your bones grow, your skin stretches, your hair grows and falls out, But your eyes never change. They’ve always been with you. In your highest moments, in your lowest lows. They’ve seen everyone you’ve ever loved and ever hated. Your fondest memories and your deepest fears. You never lost that strange view. You just have to look again.

Making this Diptych, I combined two images. I found a lovely brick wall to shove my eyeballs into, snapped the photos, made em’ black and white and increased the clarity filter until all the details looked really neato. After all is said and done, I wish I could’ve made it so that my first image would be in color, and my second in Black and White. To hammer home the whole idea of losing creativity over time. In fact the first eyeball image was going to be in color until Ms. Parkinson said that that wasn’t allowed. Eyeballs are absurd enough I guess. But hey, what do I know, maybe I’m actually just a sentient eyeball. Trying to get some credit for my fellow eyeball brothers.
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