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A Love that Never Fades: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Angel Austin (2016)

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My Diptych is my exploration and growth with the death of my mom. On the left side, there’s a blue and silver necklace that was given to me. It belonged to my mom and was her favorite necklace. After she had passed I was told stories about her and given things that were hers. It created this new understanding of her. An understanding that I had never gotten when she was here. The necklace resembles her ever lasting memory and the sparkle in the necklace represents the bright and shiny feeling I get when I think of her. On the right side is a photograph of a tree that was just planted. The tree shows my growth through having my life completely changed and accepting the fact that she’s gone. It’s been a long journey and I’m still going down this windy road to piece myself back together. Like the tree I am still growing into the person I want to be.

In order to make the Diptych I had to use Photoshop. First I uploaded the pictures and saved them into a folder. Then I went to File up at the top of the screen, scrolled down to Automate, and then clicked on Merge to HDR Pro. I took three of my photos for one side and merged them together, then repeated the process for the pictures for other side of the Diptych. The editing process was really fairly simple because I just edited the photo to my liking. The difficult part was getting the dimensions exactly how I wanted. If I could change anything I would take more angles of my objects so I have a difference in my photos on side 1 and 2.
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