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Only for the night.: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Kelvin Garcia (2016)

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For my Diptych on the left is a photo of 3 figures that portray birthday boys with indistinctive eyes which represents kids under the influence. I chose this because in my life I never enjoyed parties that would have drugs, when I’m around with friends at a party it feels like they’re not even there due to how they changed because of the environment around them. So when I look at them in the eyes it’s as if I’m not seeing them at all because they’re completely different people which is a part of why they’re bodies are morphed into these polygons. The photo on the right is a night shot of one parked car on a sidewalk in front of shaded apartments with no one in the car. I chose this because of the setting it’s placed in for it being discrete, isolated, and hidden for anything else all for keeping it’s low profile while the car is the center of attention. These two photos juxtapose with each other with the message of, you’re not going anywhere when you’re wasted.

When I created my Diptych the subject had to match to what I wrote for my college essay. What I found to be challenging was getting two completely different images that would be able to juxtapose to each other on a simplistic level. For my shots I took 5 different exposures of the same still image and merged them into Photoshop and Photoshop continuously kept crashing. Then I expanded the canvas size in photoshop to introduce the second image placing them side by side, resulting in the final image, although one image became significantly smaller than the other causing the sizing to be a challenge. What I would’ve changed in my in my art peace was the second image with the car into a bowl snails to juxtapose with the characters showing the disgusted you have when eating snails for the first time with friends.
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