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Rooted in the Journey: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Shayla Tonge (2016)

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The left side of the diptych--a photo of a bicycle--represents my desire to be constantly moving forward. I am a wildly passionate and driven person and my dreams and creative ideas propel me through life. I chose to focus the image on the back of the bike to convey that I am whizzing past without pause. The second image of a plant growing out of a pair of hiking boots is indicative of my ability to grow most in the midst of change and adventure. The boots represent the adventure and constant change I chase after and the budding plant is my spirit of growth. People aren’t usually as comfortable and rooted in themselves in the midst of change, but I thrive in it. I value laying down roots and forming long lasting friendships. Both of these images speak to very contrasting parts of my character. I am speeding through life, full of joyful ambition, but I am also breathing in the beauty of it all, and taking time to appreciate and foster friendships and community connection.

It took me a while to hone in on the right balance of values that fit best for this piece. I’m really pleased with the transformation the bicycle photo underwent in the editing process in Photoshop. It was previously more blown out and was lacking on the dark end of the spectrum of values. Through trial and error, I shifted the curves to accentuate the shadows and create a richer and more visually interesting piece. If I had to change anything, I would have chosen to include more of the boots in the photo to improve the clarity of the meaning.
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