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Dyslexic Film: A Senior Black + White High Dynamic Range Diptych by Soline Gauthier (2016)

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In my diptych I wanted to explain how my brain works considering my dyslexia. I want people to understand how my brain processes images and sounds, more so than words, and puts them together in order to form ideas. I felt I could do so by expressing the idea that my brain works like a film. That is why one of my photos is an old film strip. To keep things simpler for the viewers, I decided that I should concentrate on the multiple layers of images from the film strips that help create a story which I also felt is illustrative of my thought process. For this photo I constructed a sheet that covered a lamp, put the film strips on it and made the room pitch black, thus getting a soft back light.

A second aspect of being a dyslexic is the challenges of forming words out of letters. Therefore in my second photo I took a picture of scrabble letters on a mirror. I set up this photo outside to capture the reflection of the sky, clouds and trees. I wanted the skies reflection because I daydreamed a lot as a child. The sky is a symbol for youthfulness and imagination. Each letter has a purpose, whether it is to show how I thought some words should be spelled, or how some letters never seem to belong anywhere. As an inside joke I mispelled the word dyslexia at the top of the photo, because up until a few years ago I had no idea on how to actually write it. The difficulty of shooting this was having the wind blow leaves on the mirror and my letters off the mirror, but I love the photo. I did not encounter many issues with this project.The only difficulty came from setting up a tripod above the first set-up and managing complex exposure situations for both pictures. Overall, I am proud of the two photos I took. I feel they represent well my dyslexia and what I went through as a child.
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