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The Winter Secret: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Gabrielle Viera (2017)

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Blake and his fiance head over to Blake's family's annual Christmas party. He is reluctant to tell his family that they're engaged. Over the course of the evening his fiance finds it harder to keep the secret and leaves Blake to socialize by himself. No one knows why Blake would hide that Winter is his fiance, maybe because Winter is a guy.

I think I was able to take my abilities into a different and more expansive direction with the book jacket. I learned more about illustrator and indesign and about how book jackets are set up and it was a huge new learning experience. I struggled with my cover idea. Some ideas would be way to vague but others would give away the whole story. It was a challenge trying to find a perfect medium. I think I would have liked to change the illustration a bit more to find the right look. I think that some aspects could have been better if I spent more time on little details instead of the whole picture. I’m proud of the overall outcome. I was so proud to see how everything came together in the end. The thing I was most proud of was the consistency of the font and how I found one that compliment the idea and theme I was trying for. I will definitely pay attention to little details in the future. The whole product is important but the little detail can make it great. I have an appreciation for the hard work and thought that goes into designing a book jacket. When I was trying to find a color scheme and a picture or illustration that would give you the story but not the whole story obviously it took much longer than I thought.
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