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Hunter: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Avery Deaton (2017)

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I grow with learning new things about Indesign and how much work it takes to make a book jacket. Now I know how they are made and the time you need to create them. There were a lot of problems with the server which made my process even longer and gave me have a hard time with saving. I had to remake my book jacket countless times. But in the end I had all the time I needed to create an even better one and made me happy with the final product.

I think I would change the texture of the cover photo or put more editing on it to make it stand out more or have a creepier feeling to it. I could go out and find a better place to take pictures and find a creepier area that makes you get goose bumps when you look at the cover page. I’m really proud of myself for going out of my comfort zone and finding a spot that was difficult and hard to take pictures of. I really wanted the pictures that were the hardest to find and take. For our next project I will be excited to use Indesign and have myself go out and find pictures to take that look really out there and make people want to go to that place to see the beauty. Some people have a hard or really easy time with the programs we are using and it makes me want to push through and work even harder for what I envision in the back of my head. I see what I want and I try to make it come to life in my own weird creative way. It’s made me want to work on other things that are challenging for me.
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