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Tandem: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Ryan Young (2017)

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I am very proud of the work that I did for my book jacket. I wanted the cover to be simplistic and effectively convey the setting and plot of my story. During the production of this project, I first created the tandem bicycle. I chose to use basic shapes and lines in order to create the bike, and I feel that it turned out very well. With the creation of the bike, I took pieces from bike in order to form my title font. I then added the background pattern to give the piece more depth and keep the viewer's eyes moving around the piece. I am proud of the the work that I did on the book jacket, because I was fairly unfamiliar with InDesign prior to using the project. After creating the book jacket I feel that I have become fluent in using InDesign and its features. In addition, I am proud of how much my design skills have advanced since the beginning of my time at Freestyle. I year ago I never would have thought I could accomplish what I have now, in creating a professional book jacket.
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