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Bike revolution: A Senior Narrative Book Jacket by Chingun Erkhembayar (2017)

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My Book Jacket helped me grow in several ways. This wasn’t my first time using Adobe InDesign to work on my project, but at the same time I wouldn’t say I’m an InDesign professional. This project in my opinion went pretty smoothly. The spacing between the text and the borders that I didn’t get the hang of until the last edits before printing. I didn’t use negative space and unity with the comments on the back. Those fixes were very last minute, but what I did was add wheels between the comments and spaced them out evenly through the back of the book. I also messed up the measurements of the actual book, the first time it got printed, it was way too big for the book. I shrunk the size by two inches at the end.

One thing I would of changed would be the cover photo. I was going for the messy aesthetic, but it wasn’t messy, it just looked dirty. Messy can be pulled of as an aesthetic, but dirty is just dirty. It doesn’t really carry any value on it’s own. The edits weren’t the best, they were a tad bit rushed. I also wish I had printed on Satin paper, I think it would’ve looked better. I’m happy with how the back turned out. The little bikes as a background pic, it made the back of the book a lot more interesting and pleasing to look at.
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