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Coolsville: A Senior Surreal Photo by Skyler Maeso (2017)

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For my surrealist project, I created an image inspired by childhood fantasy. Growing up, some of my favorite memories were rooted in the couch, watching Saturday morning cartoons. There were no rules for this assignment, so I decided to run with theme of a kid under no supervision and a house all to herself on a Saturday morning. Scooby Doo, donuts, frogs stuck in jelly, mountains of foam, you name it, I included in this image. Scale and color emphasis were among the most important qualities to exaggerate. The rich reds and blues I weaved throughout were inspired by comic books and cartoons, while proportions were dramatized to mimic the way a child would imagine a perfect adventure. I thoroughly enjoyed traveling back to ‘Coolsville’, and look forward to discovering the world’s first donut mountain.
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