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These documentary, narrative, animation, music video, essay, poem, and self-portrait productions are some of the selected best junior and senior work screened at our community exhibitions. Feel free to watch other Freestyle student films on our galleries or Freestyle YouTube Channel.

JR Narrative: Pig's Feet (2015)
Andresen Hamlin
Andrew Coan
JR Narrative: A Light in the Dark (2015)
Angelica D'Augusta
Rayna Mahnken
JR Narrative: Draw Their Souls (2015)
Felix Nordmark
Peter Coish
JR Narrative: Misfit (2015)
Jessica Makower
Katherine Dillon
JR Narrative: Finn (2015)
Rohit Padmakumar
Willem Geier
JR Experimental: Elation Through Making Excuses (2015)
Katherine Dillon
JR Experimental: Excitement Through Meditation (2015)
Jessica Makower
SR Narrative: The Experiment (2015)
Blake Moran
Thomas Wilson
SR Narrative: Zip Tied (2015)
Hiba Absar
Kyle Knochenhaur
SR Narrative: Viral (2015)
Eleanor Thomas
JR Documentary: Brushing the Sky (2015)
Felix Nordmark
Rohit Padmakumar
JR Documentary: Fun in the Brauhaus (2015)
Andrew Gentile
Willem Geier
SR Narrative: The Ghost in the Machine (2015)
Daniel Petti
SR Profile: Food for the Soul (2014)
Zachary Dembner
JR Narrative:Beliefs (2014)
Chanti Holroyd
SR Profile: Lew Wolfe (2014)
Blake Moran
SR Profile: Evelyn Vigil (2014)
Kyle Knochenhaur
SR Profile: Incandescence (2014)
Laurel O'Such
SR Profile: Painting the Horizon (2014)
Paul Pierantozzi
SR Profile: Strumming the 37th Parallel (2014)
Thuy-Tien Le
SR Music Video: Deconstructed Chaos (2014)
Carter Lee
Niamh McLoughlin
Rocio Robles
Sofia Biros
SR Music Video: In The Headlights (2014)
Emily Porat
Hunter Coffman
Stella Ge
Paul Pierantozzi and Yujie Wang
JR Self-Portrait (2014)
Isabel Owens
SR Narrative: Scott Sage: Private Eye (2014)
Jacob Kidd
Joseph Pressman
JR Documentary: Henry Cowell (2014)
Blake Moran
Thomas Wilson
After Effects Animation: Delta X (2014)
Daniel Wilson
JR Documentary: A Beautiful Mosaic (2014)
Aleksandr Appel
Paul Pierantozzi
SR Explorations (2014)
Hope Moseley
SR Explorations (2014)
Gabrielle Makower
Profile: Grant Beall (2013)
Christopher Lanman
Music Video: Losing Conviction (2014)
Austin Sarinas
Cameron Fukuyama
Jordan Albert
Taylor Houston
Animation: Rooted (2014)
Anastasia Garachtchenko
Music Video: Limegrove (2014)
Chiara Neyman
Gilles Laurent
Nicolas Fricker
Animation: Cracks (2014)
Stella Ge
Profile: Leona Scheepers (2013)
Haley Jones
Jr Experimental: My Perfect Family (2013)
Hiba Absar
Profile: Jen-Hsun Huang (2013)
Parker Malachowsky
JR Narrative: Friendzoned (2013)
Blake Moran
Eleanor Thomas
JR Narrative: Into the Night (2013)
Paul Pierantozzi
Thuy-Tien Le
Self-Portrait (2012)
Gabrielle Makower
Profile: Kimberly Chisolm (2012)
Hannah Hansen
Nikki Kashani
Music Video: Sounds of Christmas (2013)
Arthur Owens
Eric Heintzen
Hannah Hansen
Nathan Becker
Self-Portrait (2012)
Emma Orner
Self-Portrait (2011)
Nathan Becker
Music Video: Welcome to the Internet (2013)
Jackson Bartlett
Jason Spielman
Lauren Salinero
Rebecca Walton
JR Narrative: The Unthinkable (2013)
Haley Jones
Nicole Falsetti
JR Animation: The Office Incident (2013)
Kevin Chan
Music Video: Run For Cover (2013)
Katie Kouvalas
Kyle DeWitt
Noah Hoffman
Stefan Cook
Profile: Michelle Raffin (2012)
Nathan Becker
Music Video: Stuck In Friend Zone (2013)
Stephen Song
Jacqueline Portelli
Matthew Iverson
SR Narative: Character X (2011)
Callie Dick
Rachel Wood
After Effects Animation: The Party (2011)
Alejandro Aguilar
JR Animation: Between Hay and Grass (2011)
Chelsea Whitmore
Music Video: Supernova (2010)
Anya Schultz
Katrina Officer
Melissa Steiner
Rosie Struve
Senior Project: Footprints (2010)
Natalie Rich
Experimental (2010)
Rosie Struve
Documentary: A Happy Place (2010)
Katie Halliday
Documentary: Art Works (2009)
Natalie Rich
Emily Munoz
JR Narrative: Dependance (2009)
Daniel Kirsch
Arielle Sarnoff
SR Epxloration: Fear (2008)
Todd Parker
Satire: The Sale (2008)
Margaret Lewis
Satire: Gary George Balloon Artist (2008)
Ben Mandeberg
Todd Parker
JR Animation: Story of Ed and Ted (2008)
Nathaniel Siegel
Todd Parker
Mystery: Quarter Past Two (2008)
Nicolas Geier
Todd Parker
Self-Portrait (2008)
Tim Reed
JR Animation: Eggs with Dreams (2008)
Irene Lee
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