Abha Thakur
Abha Thakur

I am Abha, a student at Freestyle Academy, I am a Digital Media student, other than that I take English and Digital Media classes. I wanted to join Freestyle because, I have always wanted to do something in the Arts Field and expand my artistic talents using different techniques and programs. Below I have links to my projects and websites that I have finished, there are some that are soon to come. The projects that we do are linked to all of the classes here at Freestyle, we start them usually in our English class, start working with them later in Digital Media, and lastly polish and finish them up in Digital Media for it to be displayed here. Unlike regular classes in High Schools we link up all of our work in all of our classes, this pushes us to not fall behind. We also have a lot of freedom and the Academy treats us like adults and this leads us to being more inspired, and the creative juices running. We are lucky to have lots of great applications that we will use in the future like; illustrator, pro tools, of course, photoshop, etc…

Here is a website showing our art and literature that we created.
Conceptual Photo
Narrative is our second unit, where we visually present a stoy we write.
Narrative Photo
This website is a Documentry website about something that is very interesting to me.
Documentary Photo
Here I explored my passion and researched more about it.
Exploraions Photo