We focused on the use of Dreamweaver, Animate and Illustrator for the Narrative Project. The Narrative project was used to showcase our work in writing, digital photography, graphic design, audio engineering, and web production by producing a graphic novel, a comic illustration, an animatic and an animation of a story that I wrote.


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The graphic novel serves as a storyboard for for the animatic and animation because it allowed us to experiment with different shots and ideas before finalizing our product.

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An animatic is a preliminary version of a movie, produced by shooting successive sections of a storyboard and adding a soundtrack. It is to create a vague idea of that the animation is going to look like.

Doing all of these processes has shown me how stories can be written and portrayed in different ways. Starting with a simple idea from the flash fiction and going through the steps of animation to bring it to life shows the effort and the depth that goes into animation. The graphic novel was used to preview our final idea before putting it all together.


Exlain the animation assignment from Flash Fiction, to graphic novel, to Animatic, to finl Animation.

Reflection on entire process of producing and animation.

Insert Screenshot of animate files

Explain the assignment in Design class - Please include details In design we were tasked with

The General Comic Illustration

For this project we focused on the rising action of our graphic novels. We drew out our ideas on regular paper to begin with and then burnished out drawings onto an art board.

Write your reflection on producing a comic illustration

When I was given the task of creating a comic I tried to focus on a good story and creating something I could build on in the future. Once I came up with my story I immediately started to think of what my characters would look like and what my layout would look like for my comic.


Content for the Story Page -Include a paragraph or two or more about your process and inspiration in writing your Flash Fiction - perhaps include a link (that opens to a new browser tab) to some online content that you used for inspiration. -Title and complete text of Flash Fiction formatted differently than above explanation text -Embed SoundCloud interface of your Story with SFXs -Screenshot of your Pro Tools session of Story with SFXs with a caption under the screenshot

Title of Flash Fiction

When I write, it's always easyist to create a simple idea and build on it. So when I was presented with the prompt to write a flash fiction and found myself struggling for inspiration. I brought together a couple ideas that people put on the board during English and created a Frankestein story.

So I had found my story. All I had left to do was to create my character and fill in what gaps were left. Just one problem, creating a character. Personally, I find characters to be the hardest part of any work I write. Not only do I struggle with characters, but this narrative is one that is so close to me, it felt strange creating a new life to go through it. Who could possibly express this experience in the direct and poignant way I intend? It now seems obvious. Everyone has experienced frustration in one way or another. Whether in a creative pursuit or otherwise, we each feel the struggle and emotion behind any endeavor we are dedicated to. What better way to connect my reader to my story than to place them in the middle of it?

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