Nicole Hu
Nicole hu

Hello :) My name is Nicole Saehwa Hu and I am a student at Freestyle Academy.

At Freestyle Academy, I attend Design, English Honors, and Digital Media classes. I decided to enroll in Freestyle because I have always been interested in the arts; whether it be visual, performing, or fine arts. I wanted to extend my artistic range by learning about Digital Arts and Design.

Below are links to other projects and websites that I have finished or am plan to work on in the future. The content from this website and the other websites it links to are created through my English, Design, and Digital Media courses while at Freestyle Academy. Our projects usually start in English class, which is like many other English classes. However, unlike classes at other schools or academies, our Design and Digital Media classes build off of and connect to the work done in our English class. Through these courses, I aspired to improve my skill and knowledge of photography, websites, coding, composing, and more.

Conceptual ✏
This section was the first unit of our Freestyle Journey. Through this exploration, we sought to creatively express ourselves through new forms of art such as web design, photography, and music.
Conceptual Visual
Narrative ♡
The second unit, Narrative, was about being able to visally communicate a story. In this unit, we were able to take concepts learned and explored in the conceptual unit and apply them.
Narrative Visual
Documentary ☽
The documenatary unit focused on one subject's through a journalistic style. This project aspires to signify the subjects significance in the community or in the world.
Documentary Visual

Explorations ☼

This final unit of Junior year was dedicated to exploring my own passions and inspirations and creating a final researchbased project that exemplifies these passions.
Explorations Visual