Sabre Vangel


      We all made this project to give the outside people and parents a passage into this great program freestyle is and to display all our works for future or even present viewers. I was required to get pictures, writing and music completed on time in order to contribute on the task that we have been working on. My classes taught me how to use programs like ProTools and Photoshop and how to make experimental music and amazing photos. On my website in the other tabs you will be seeing my three poems, my music from ProTools, and also my images edited with Photoshop. They are a passage into my life and how i see the world today and what i can enjoy from it. I value the time and effort put into the classes and the projects we do. Now i have a greater love/respect for music producers, writers, and photographers.

 In my free time i have picked up taking photos and now i have started a small company where people have started paying me for photoshoots. I really enjoy taking landscape photos and expressing what i love to do. You can see all my pictures on instagram: @sabrevangel or @360photographyofficial

Conceptual Project
The conecptual project is all the pictures, poems, music and webistes thta we jave made this year at freestyle. This is just some of the mayn to come through out the year. I work very hard on all my project and wish for them all to have a meaning, Hope You Enjoy.
Narative Project
The narative project is a story I wrote and later will make a comic and also an animation to go along with the story, Hope You Enjoy- see
Documentary Project

This is the project where we had a subjected and we had to do research and interview them and find out important and cool news that would enlighte the audiance that they would be trying to get to. Hope You Enjoy - see

Exploration Project
A project of our choice, and i chose photography. In this projectI showed and talk about how to get the perfect photo with F-stop, exposure, lighting and angles. Hope You Enjoy - see