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Knowledge and Assumptions: A Junior Self-Portrait Diptych by Tiana Le (2011)

I Am. I am open minded and unique. I wonder about the things in life I don't understand. I hear the waves of knowledge. I see a heart opening up. I want to travel around the world. I am open minded and friendly. I pretend there's only love in this world. I feel the butterflies gasp for air. I touch the sun's rays on my face. I worry about the truth. I cry when bad assumptions are made. I am open minded and friendly. I understand society is not at its best. I say appreciate everything in life. I dream of only happiness. I try to understand everything. I hope for the best in everyone. I am open minded and unique . In my diptych I have a picture of light bulbs being held and a picture of light bulbs being used as light. Both these pictures explain my belief of letting your feelings toward something grow from knowledge and not assumptionIt's a natural tendency for people to, for example dislike something because of the things they assume, and them not having much knowledge about itI try my hardest to step away from doing that, which makes me real open minded about things and eager to learn about everything around me, not just the things that interest me. The picture with me holding the light bulbs show that everything light bulb looks the same but really they aren't. You can't assume they are all the same until it's proven. So then, in the second photo you can see that some light bulbs work and some not as great as othersIt shows that you have to have knowledge about something before you can classify it as something. My ''I Am'' poem relates to my diptych because I am very open minded with the way I think and view things and really try and look at the good things in life.
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