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Nature's Way: A Junior Self-Portrait Diptych by Vladislav Popovsky (2011)

I Am. I am Visual and Creative. I wonder what happens when we die. I hear the sound of the wind. I see the dark engulf the light. I want to be free. I am Visual and Creative. I pretend to fly. I feel the air. I touch the sky. I worry that I'm going to fall. I cry when I fall. I am Visual and Creative. I understand what we are here for. I say what I believe. I dream about flying. I try to get up. I hope I wont fall. I am Visual and Creative . I'm a very visual person but when I try to construct or build an idea it falls apart. Sometimes I let nature take it's course and I lose control of things but sometimes not being in control is goodI don't like planing things because things don't always go as planned and it makes me very nervous and stressed out. Like a tree grows without taking the course in which direction it's branches grow out, I let time take it's course and see what happens. Trees stay in the same place for a long time, buildings are always rebuilt and destroyed. The plan quickly becomes destroyed and I have to restart all over.
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