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Happiness: A Junior Self-Portrait Diptych by Zia Absar (2011)

I Am. I am caring and happy. I wonder what will I do tomorrow. I hear little kids laughing. I see my favorite playground. I want to be a kid. I am caring and happy. I pretend there is no sadness in the world. I feel my balloons raising my arm. I touch the strings attached to the balloons. I worry people are sad. I cry because people don't have a home. I am caring and happy. I understand the world is greedy. I say be the change you want to see in the world. I dream about a world without greed. I try to make the world a happier place. I hope everyone has a heart. I am caring and happy . You should be the best you can be, according to yourself, not what other people think of you. You should try to make the world a better and happier place. A place where no one is alone or sad. The girl in the picture is trying to make the world a happier place by handing out balloons. These balloons are happiness to her, they make her think of all the memories that filled her with joy. All of the little that make you feel like your world was just illuminated with total sunshine. Like, feeling the cool wind on your face when you bike, when a person hugs back tighter, or when little kids reach to hold your hand. These things made her happy, and she wants to spread this happiness by giving balloons to random strangers.
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